Digital, Cd, & Vinyl

PUS - Secretion was originally released on cassette back in 1994.  Creating that old school death metal sound this 2 member Death Metal band both handle all the instruments. Strictly limited to 4 lathe cut records made

Secretion Side                                                 Blood Side 

1.Secretion                                                     3.Pale Blood

2. Perverted Pathologist                               4. Stenched Decay

Release on 4/25/2019


Nekrophasm is a side project of Surt and Porphyry Ov Tyre(Mutant) both from Black Trinity. With Surt handling Guitars, Bass & Vocals and Mutant on the Drums.

Strictly Limited to 40 hand numbered Copies.

Recorded in 2006 at UnderGround Studios.

They created a 2 song CD-r demo of Raw Black Metal Hell!

  1. Pale and Forgotten
  2. True Darkness Remains

Released on 9/7/2018 


After a long 10 year hiatus Black Trinity finally releases their second album titled Bleed For Him as a digital album and  as a Strictly Limited Edition Digipack Cd of 50!

Recorded in 2005 - 2007.

Released on July 7th 2018.


  1. Black Knight's Legion
  2. Beyond The Ethereal Gates
  3. Bleed For Him
  4. Under A Funeral Moon (Darkthrone Cover)
  5. Desecration
  6. The Christ Myth
  7. Of Darkness Divine
  8. The Concubine Will Suffice
  9. Skull Throne
  10. Infernal Choir

Black Trinity, Cleveland Ohio's Most Prominent Black Metal Act's debut release Demonic Pleasures is out on Apocalyptic Records. 43 minutes of pure black metal hell! Some Compared Black Trinity to Emperor without keys. Influences from Old Mans Child, Celtic Frost, DarkThrone & Dimmu Borgir.

Limited to 1000

Released in 2005 


  1. Abysmal Abomination
  2. Ebony Ablaze Thy Beloved Night Sky
  3. Martyr Complex
  4. Black Trinity
  5. From Cold Dark Caverns
  6. Demonic Pleasures
  7. Oath Of Blood and Iniquity
  8. Triumph In Blasphemy
  9. Frozen North
  10. Death Crush-Mayhem cover

This is a re - release of the 3rd demo with better sound quality. Recorded in July 2003 at Track Six Recording Studios.

Released by the band in 2005. 

BT/Underground Records BT003

  1. Demonic Pleasures
  2. Triumph In Blasphemy
  3. Abysmal Abomination
  4. Ebony Ablaze Thy Beloved Night Sky
  5. Frozen North
  6. From Cold Dark Caverns
  7. Outro